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WordPress - My Blogging Software of Choice

WordPress blogging software is recognized to be the leader in stand alone blogging software. This open source software is under active development and there is a large ecosystem of developers producing plug-ins for WordPress. There are also a large number of themes available, both free and paid, to customize the look of the software. Since it is open source there is also the possibility for developers to produce custom installations based on the WordPress code base.

Many sites, in addition to blogs, are based on WordPress. It is a Content Management System and is capable of doing a lot more than just producing blogs.

The software has many features that make it a very good choice for a blog or a site. There are plug-ins that make the software much more SEO friendly, and there is even an xml site map generator to make Google happy. The software sends a ping whenever there is a post so the updates often get indexed very rapidly.

I use WordPress as my blogging software of choice. I became aware of a theme that is very close to the default theme but is designed to be more easily customized. This is the Untheme two-column theme. I have explored the options with this theme and can produce a blog that closely resembles the site to which it is attached. I use a three column layout on most of my sites, but my blogs incorporate the same color schemes and general design as my sites.

While I build my sites with KompoZer I do use WordPress blogs in several ways. I have a series of blogs that are rather conventional in nature. I do the writing and present information that I hope will be of interest to someone. I also have some blogs that are primarily promotional in nature. I list affiliate deals and coupons on these blogs. 

I am also developing a series of blogs in which I publish or reprint articles primarily focused on one topic. In these blogs I try to include some pictures with most posts. There are generally an affiliate text link and an affiliate banner at the bottom of these posts. Some of these blogs are stand alone and some are attached to one of my regular sites.

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